Decorating Your Home for Easter

Decorating Your Home for Easter

Easter is coming..... and this year its really early coming right at the start of Spring. It feels like its coming this year after a very long cold winter, Ive heard lots of people say they are so ready for some blue skies and warmer weather this year.

Decorating your home for Easter & Spring is becoming more popular, there are more options available in the shops to pick up some lovely pieces for your home. 

Don't Panic! I'm not talking about decorating your home like we all do at Christmas and having boxes of decorations in the loft that we take out & put away every year. I'm talking about using key pieces to just sprinkle some happiness around your home.

Keep reading I have some inspiration and ideas for you of how to celebrate Easter around your home in different ways. 


1. Easter Trees

Lots of people if you search around Pinterest create an Easter Tree, (I think it's more of a US thing), personally the large tree on the left is too much for me. I love my Christmas trees but its a no for bringing it out of the attic at Easter. But if this is something you feel you would love to do, go for it, send me some photos though, they look stunning. 

If you would like a tree but on a smaller scale the 2 options on the right will probably suit you best. Using either real floral blossom stems or artificial is a great option. Either add to a vase or jar & hang decorative eggs from the stems or place into a clear glass hurricane vase & use eggs as decoration to hold the stems in place. 

You could even use real eggs if you are careful for a more natural look.

You can find these and more on my Pinterest board

2. Creating a centrepiece to impress

Some of you may remember my 2 tier tray I bought last year from The Range and used for my Autumn display. I have used this again to create an Easter display that I will be able to adapt and use into Spring by just swopping out a few pieces.

Maybe take out the eggs and use one of my wooden stars I already have or a Beehive burner & you could use the sheep ornaments on my website instead of the chickens, but I like the blast of yellow for colour. 

Both designs of chickens come in both colours. 


Our Happy Place block
Crystal Candles
Sitting Chicken - comes in 2 colours
Chicken with Dangley legs - comes in 2 colours


3. Using Spring Flowers

I absolutely love spring flowers especially daffodils, but you could also use Baby's Breath for a softer look. This display is in my living room but perfect to place anywhere. I have used this round tray to hold everything together and used the vase & flowers as the backdrop, adding a few small key pieces to the tray for Easter including one of my crystal candles for the scent & sparkle.

As an extra Ive added some display eggs instead of using real mini eggs, less of a temptation. These I bought from Home Bargains at 99p for a bag.



White & Grey Vase - coming soon to the website
Kissing Grey Rabbits - also comes in natural colour
Crystal Candles


4. Keeping it Simple

Again keeping it even simple I have added daffodils to the Spring Daisy Jug and just used a few different items for a simple but effective way to brighten up a sideboard. Sometimes less is more.



Kissing Grey Rabbits - also comes in natural colour
Wooden Bunnies

Rattan Bunnies
Bunnies with pink hearts - comes in 2 designs

5. Getting creative

This is where you can let your creative spirit take over. I already have this large white lantern at home so I am not going to the expense of buying one I am just utilising what I already have. I have added one of my rattan bunnies, surrounded her with eggs, included some faux spring flowers & topped it off on the top by adding the fabric carrots to the top. 

I also have a string of led lights to add something extra for the dark evenings we still have. 

You could also use a large hurricane jar or round bowl, whatever you have handy.  



Rattan Bunnies
Fabric Carrots


I hope you have gained some inspiration to create something in your home you love that makes you smile & wakens your house up from the long winter. 

Please drop me a message with any photos of your creations.

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Thank-you for reading
Michelle x

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